Welcome and Biography


I'm so glad that you have taken the time to visit my site. I hope that my images will inspire you to look at life a little closer - from the fine details of a dogwood bud frozen in an ice storm, to the person you pass on the street, to the way God paints a sunset across the sky!

Photography has been a passion for me since I was 9 years old and picked up a Kodak 120 instamatic camera and took pictures at one of my brother's football games. After that, my Dad took me on a couple of photo adventures to the countryside and to a condemned old building in downtown Louisville. I was hooked!

God has really blessed me over the years with a way to make a living that I absolutely love. I opened Nick Bonura Photography in 1991 after graduating from the University of Dayton with a major in photography. I work primarily in commercial and portrait photography. Children, products, people, buildings, interior design, aerials, babies, families, high school seniors and executives are all on my resume.

I get the biggest kick out of photographing people! Creatively capturing their personalities on film (memory card just doesn't sound good) is my goal. My profession has given me the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I've had the pleasure of photographing courageous children battling cancer, CEO's of major companies, two U.S. Presidents, the miracle of a premature baby that weighed less than three pounds, a baby elephant that weighed 375 pounds, my own children growing up before my eyes, famous musicians like Ray Charles and Tony Bennett, and the list goes on.

"Shackleton", one of my favorite movies, chronicles the 1911 Antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The ship they were in ended up sinking and they had to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Frank Hurley, the expedition photographer, talked Shackleton into saving the glass plate negatives. Later in the story, in a conversation with Hurley, Shackleton says, "Thanks for saving the pictures. Without them we would only have words, and they aren't always enough." I like to think that in the distant future, the images that I am making today will tell the story of the past, remind our distant relatives of who we were, without words.

God bless!


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